CBE: TSA Chapter 2

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September 14, 2022. 6:30pm.

On the hill.

Should we go home? It’s getting darker every minute.” said Cy.

What are you afraid or something?” teased Rence.

No it’s just that I’m getting a bit sleepy *yawns*” replied Cy.

Me too.” said Gray.

Well, I guess we’re calling it a day.” dictated Alice.

One of each stood up from what they were doing. Pierce and Calv were playing a board game by the side. There’s Neil and Cy jamming their hearts out for a new song they are recording. Ash, Gray and Alice having their girl talk, which in any way I would not know what is about. Rence was overlooking everyone through the highest point of the hill, having a cigarette and talking on the phone with someone I don’t know. Downhill, the group walked slowly, side-by-side, like a group of villains in a blockbuster movie. As they reached the famous intersection, they said their goodbyes. From the school up front, was Ashley and Pierce’s way of going home. From the school to the left of the intersection, was Grace and Terrence’s. And from the school to right of the intersection was with the four people left. The intersection was famous for the group as it served a middle point of everybody and when they need to go somewhere as a group, they never looked anywhere else. Good thing this was the set-up, at least all girls have a guy to go home with.

Alice and Cy have been neighbors for a long time. So after the intersection, they end up walking together and talk about stuffs. Mostly about the group.

It’s so relieving every time we’re there.” said Alice.

The group is our comfort zone, Alice. It’s a no-brainer.” replied Cy.

Well, I guess I have to say, I hope the group stays together.”

Yeah. We are nearing graduation. They have their lives thought out.

Have you?”

Nothing in my mind.”

Not even a little?”

Don’t get me wrong, I think about it a lot. But I still can’t find any reason to do anything else yet. I may have to cling to this group until time forces me too.”

Well, that seems sad.”

Maybe, but it’s better than nothing.

Are you sure you want this. You could always try and court—”

Yeah, I don’t even mind whatever happens to her.” butted Cy.

Alice raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

Cy ducked his head. “I don’t know.”

Oh for God’s sake Cy, tell her!”

Then what? To get shut down? I always get rejected when I do these kinds of stuff. It’s better that I don’t just do anything.”

There you go again. I told you to stop thinking about that.”

It’s not that easy for me.”


They near two houses. On the left, a large  manor house colored pastel fit for a princess. It has a balcony up top looking at the sea behind the subdivision. There is gate with the named Sandler. On the right, a slightly large bungalow colored gray. A hoop is seen outside with the garage door open and a fence surrounding the perimeter.

Oh great, they’re not here again.” disapproved Cy, “Like I even care though.”

Bye, Cy.” shrugged Alice.

See you, Alice.”

Cy walks in front of his house. Seeing the garage door open makes him furious. In act he kicks the ball inside the garage. He slams the door as he goes inside. The reason why Cy is like this is because his family wasn’t around him for the most part. Not that they were literally around, but as a family that connects to him. He was always alone in dealing with his problems and he has never once found comfort inside the house. It’s like the whole family was disappointed of him from the start and didn’t even cared what Cy’s dream is. That is why Cy has never even thought well on what he wants in life.



One Fateful Night – Introduction

Main Protagonists:

Charles Evans

Brendon Saville

Marvin Lawrie

Dianne Valentine

Patrick Kumar

Natalie Pelham

Raelene Andrews


Charles Evans, also known as Chuck, is a student in the University of Santo Tomas here in Manila, Philippines. He’s in his junior year now and spends time with his best friend Brendon Saville from sophomore year. The same year, they met Marvin Lawrie along with his friends Dianne Valentine and Patrick Kumar. They became close to one another by having similarities of striking interests like staying late at school (after school time), hanging out anywhere from dusk till dawn, telling ghost stories from different places, and eagerly planning out plans about the rumored zombie apocalypse. In doing the stuffs they loved, they met on the way two best friends Raelene Andrews and Natalie Pelham and from there the group became larger. They went about their way until on one night they experienced silence around the grounds of the school. They decided to stay inside from interest and curiosity until they found out that there were other creatures lurking around eating flesh from corpses around. They ran all the way back to the Engineering building to find out more of these creatures and an enclosed grounds. They’ve been planning this but they didn’t expect this to happen so quick. Find out how they’ll experience this One Fateful Night.

Erick Cua. Signature yan. Ha ha.

My First Story

This was the very first story I have ever made. I was inspired by one person, on the story namely Gray. I miss this girl a lot now. And people told me to finish this story. It has only 12 chapters, but the moment I have moved on from her, it was really hard finishing it. So here it is, the First and Last Chapter in my very own story. :)


The Supernatural Accident
By: Erick Cua
Genre: Fictional Love Story


What if, you had the power to save mankind from all of what can happen?, but in turn hurt the one you love most?

Cyril Epperson is a typical over-emotional teenager who isn’t all that successful in his life finds something that would surely shake things up a notch. A boy in high school that would find out he has a blessing. But soon as he understands what he has, how would he look at this matter?

A supernatural power. Would you call it a blessing? Or a curse set upon? Let us read Cyril’s story, as he awakens us on his wild fantastic story driven from inspiration of someone entitled The Supernatural Accident.


Cyril Epperson a.k.a. Cy
Cornelius Robinson a.k.a. Neil
Calvin Palmer a.k.a. Calv
Allison Sandler a.k.a. Alice
Grace Carpenter a.k.a. Gray
Pierce Matthews a.k.a. P
Ashley Madison a.k.a. Ash
Terrence Powell a.k.a. Rence

Chapter 1
The Cast

Here I am, another boring English class writing my essay about fantasies. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t really hate doing this. I love writing essays. In fact I love writing, but I never really know how to become a writer. They say I need an inspiration, and a lot of experience. Well, I’m still young.
(Cyril writing his essay)
…They say fantasy exist only in our imagination, Hmm. It only does, huh? If it’s just a pixel of our imagination, wouldn’t it become big if each and every one of us shared each fantasies? And that big would make something that could exist in our world. That we could practically believe in. Tha——…
(School bell rings)
“Darn it!” whispered Cyril.
June 16, 2020. 5:00pm, Tuesday.
Cyril Epperson. A simple, impressing, and over-emotional teenager hanging around in the midst of New York City. He lives just down the block from his school, and always hangs out with his group of friends.
Here, he met two of his best friends, Cornelius and Calvin.
(Walks down the cafeteria until he finds Calvin)
“Hey Cy, what’s up?” asked Calv.
“I LOVE English..” he said sarcastically. “Really, really love it.” then he frowned.
“Detention?” asked Calv.
“Or got extremely embarrassed at class?” followed Neil.
Cyril stopped and looked at Neil expectantly.
He then remembered that something happened a while ago at class. “Are you spying on me?!” shouted Cy.
“What?! Come on man!”
“How’d you know? Damn you!”
“Ha-ha. It wasn’t my fault you were so careless.”
“Gotcha. Sheesh.” he then sat inappropriately. “I didn’t finish my essay.”
“Wow. That is… frustrating.” sheepishly said Calv.
“Easy for you to say, I don’t have a head as big as you.” he broke to a laugh.
“Laugh all you want child.” Calv raised his eyebrows. Cy did the same.
“Aww. How cute.” smiled Neil.

Big head? No, he is just a smart-ass. Calvin Palmer, pretty much everybody calls him Calv. Cy’s ultimate friend. The one who actually picks him up and makes a way when he’s in danger. He laughs and plays with Cy like a child, the two with Neil. Like a tandem when you see one. You’ll know these three were meant for each other. Truthfully.

“Stop it!” Cy grabbed Calv’s head ruining his hair. “Now look who’s smiling!”
“As soon as I am freed, stand your ground Cy.”
“Ha-ha. Good luck partner.” said Cy.

Cy soon stopped when he heard the voice of someone. Someone whom he admires.

“What are you guys doing?” asked Gray with a smug.
“Nothing.” smiled Cy. Then he freed Calv.
“MY TURN!” Calv immediately pulled Cy’s hair.
Alice looked at Calv. “And you?”
“Having the time of my life.” said Calv then they laughed.

As soon as the children stopped, they ate their food. Cy grabbed his notebook and gave it to Neil.

“Here Neil, I made a song. I was hoping it could help our band.” said Cy. “The title is I Like You, and I made it last week. What do you think?”
Neil read his piece. The after,
“You got chords?”
“Nah, can’t find a tune.”
“You’ll get there, and when you do, let’s practice.”

Cornelius Robinson, band manager? No, just a band leader. Cy’s rock partner. They made a band here at this school and they have numerous records already. The thing is, it’s just for themselves. They don’t want to show it off. Neil’s house is a recording studio. Not that it’s small, but the instruments and technicalities are complete and high-end. Cy loves to record here. He, and the two, are diabolically meant. Ha-ha.

“Guys done?” asked Alice. “Let’s head out.”
(The guys went out the cafeteria to the field)
And now we meet.. The Star.
(On the way, Alice talks to Cy privately)

“Cy, how’s… you know.” asked Alice nervously.
“I don’t know, haven’t heard from him since everything.”
“You know how I feel.”
“I clearly do.”
“And how about him?”
“The same as you.”
“Is that what he said?”
“No, that’s what I feel. I’m sorry Alice, but I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t know?”
“I do, but that’s past, I don’t know now.” Cy put his arm at Alice’s shoulder, “Everything’s going to be alright. Okay? We’ll be here for you, be strong.”
“Thanks, Cy.”
Cy comforted Allison Sandler, while he thought of that past, his friends P and Alice. Cy would always see the two together. As best friends, and as lovers. P or Pierce Matthews would always ask permission from Cy about Alice, like a dad. He is new in the environment and has promised Alice of so much, until a tragic fight. It ruined the team, and now left heart aches from both sides. He reminisced,
“I didn’t meant to hurt her.” said P.
“Do you love her?” asked Cy.
“Yes, I do. You know that.”
“Then go talk to her.”
“I’m scared.”
“All of us are. Even me, I’m afraid to, even though my heart tells me to.”
“I don’t know how.”
“Be strong. You know I want you for her. Don’t ruin that in a fight. Couples fight a lot of times. These fights tighten the bond more.”
“We’re not couples though, right?”
“Ask her, but to me you are. And I’m happy to see that.”
“Thanks. But now…” he sighed.
“Don’t worry P, I’m here to back you up.”
“Thanks Cy, I don’t know what I would do without you.”
“Pleasure’s mine.”
Then he came back from reminiscing, hugs Alice and then they walked with the group again.
(On the way to the usual spot)
“Cy! Cy!” shouted someone.
Cy saw Ash walking towards them, he instantly smiled.
“Hey Ash.” said Cy.
“Where are you going?” asked Ash.
“The usual, you?”
“Got to eat first. I’m so hungry.” said Ash with a big smile.
“Okay, eat well.”
“See you later Cy.” said Ash then turned away from Cy.
Ashley Madison. His carefree friend. Doesn’t mind much about her surroundings, what she does, but she is really caring and nice. He actually makes Cy happy by a ton. Cy always appreciates Ash’s way of making him happy. And so Cy can’t help but admire her too.
At the usual spot, they saw some other guy. An older man, like a big brother for all.

“Rence!” shouted Cy while running and hugged Rence.
“Brotherly love.” Smiled Alice.
“I love it.” Said Gray.
“Hey, Cy! I see you guys took longer now than ever to come here. Ha-ha.” Said Rence with a big laugh. “What happened? What did I miss?”
“A big brotherly fight between Cy and Calv.” Said Neil.
“Oh really? Who won?”
“None. Ha-ha. The girls showed up, we ate, and we went here immediately.”
“Actually, I won.” Said Cy with a winning smile.
“Yeah, a little while, just before Gr—.” Cy then stepped on Calv’s foot. “showed…up..after.” he struggled saying those words.
“Ha-ha. I know that Calv.” Rence blinked at Calv. ”So, what shall we do now?” he said facing the others.
Rence, the Big Brother. Terrence Powell, it’s really literal, he’s older than the group, and he doesn’t go their school, he is an instructor there and works from Flag ceremony to Dismissal. He acts as a big brother to all of the people, most especially Cy. He is his saviour. He never lets Cy down. And Cy, as an only child, feels happy about having Rence around.

“I’m tired.” Said Gray.
“Siesta time again?” asked Rence.
“Let’s go uphill! It’s almost sunset.” Suggested Cy.
“Good idea, Cy. Alright, march!” mocked Calv.
Then they walked uphill. They called the hill by the game Silent Hill, not because it is scary, but it’s deserted and very quiet. They sleep here most of the time, and watch the sunset afar. There are many memories here of the group. Happy and sad.
On the way up, Cy walked close to Gray.
“You’re so easily tired Gray.” Said Cy. “Do you sleep enough?”
“I do, I’m just really a sleepyhead.” Said Gray with a really soft voice, Cy smiled. Then Gray asked. “Are we there yet?”
“You look like you could sleep at this very moment. Ha-ha. Almost Gray.” Said Cy.
“Stop teasing me Cy.”
“Ha-ha. You can’t stop me Gray.”
“I know.” Said Gray, she smiled, “Here we are.”
The Love Interest, Grace Carpenter. Always called Gray because of her distinctive trait as a sleepyhead. She’s fair, has a soothing voice and a heart melting smile. Cy found someone who he can love whole-heartedly. But he never confessed anything to Gray, but the group knows about this. A simple girl that loves hanging around with her friends, teasing, debating, and fighting about nonsense with the group. Cy is happy just being with her, and may be contented with it only.
As they reached the top, Gray and Cy sat together. The others scattered around and started scouting for stuffs to do before it gets dark. Alice was watching the two. Gray laid back and Cy sat beside her.

“Sleep tight sleepyhead. Ha-ha.”
“Wait until I wake up Cy, I’ll be your worst nightmare.” Said Gray with an evil smile. Then she closed her eyes.
Cy watched her, then watched the sun set beside Gray.
“You’re not going to be a nightmare to me, you’re always going to be a dream come true.” Whispered Cy.
After a while, Cy didn’t move. Alice continued to watch the two, Calv and Neil came back from throwing rocks at the pond beside the hill. Rence stood up after some push-ups,
“The sun is setting!” shouted Rence.
Everyone came near the two and started watching the sun set. Cy pushed Gray gently.
“Gray, wake up, the sun is setting.”
Gray woke up, and sat immediately. It was one of the best sun sets Cy and the group had ever watched. The sky was a mix of red and orange. The night was closely drawing near as the stars were slowly showing up. The group started walking down the hill and had said their goodbyes to each other. Cy stared at Gray as she left when she felt a pinch by Alice. They smiled almost instantly then laughed comically. Cy hugged Alice and they went home.
As Cy went home, he immediately ran to his room and jumped to his bed. He prayed and let himself feel how tired he was. In less than a minute, he was asleep.

Let us now time travel…
September 14, 2022. 10:00am, Wednesday. (Chapter End)

Dated: August 2, 2010