Nine o’ Five

May 9, 2015


Do you remember the last time you made an effort for someone to let them know their worth in this world? When was the last time you scraped your fingers till your bones to show someone everything you wanted them to see. To make them feel the feeling that surges onto your body when you are near them. To give them goosebumps on how much you mean the world to them?


Me? I continue to experience it. Better yet, I keep experiencing it. Ever since that year ago that I got my hands tied to everything I know in life and love that I have to show my whole self and what I could and couldn’t do. And I got what I asked for. You know, a year isn’t actually that long. A journey isn’t going to feel so long. If you’re enjoying the ride, you’d most likely ride the wave. And the ride is amazing.


She found me. And it will never be as amazing as it is yesterday. Cheers to the future! :)


Thank you for accepting me as a whole, my Princess Faye ♥


-5:25am. Erick.