The Person

It’s the person not the feeling. :)


Have you ever wondered why there are different kinds of feelings you experience from different kinds of people? It’s because there is just one emotion that could be associated with different people. And the emotions are just there. They never change. What changes are the people around you. The people are unique and different. The attitude, perspective and everything, very different. That’s why the way you experience these emotions different from ever person. You are happiest here, saddest here, comfortable here, etc. And I have the highs and lows to one person only. :)


“I look at you every day (well, kinda, weekends siguro pictures haha) And I always see you as another girl. A different girl. A unique girl. Someone who is a cut above the rest. You are nice, cheerful, very mischievous (like me), God-fearing, strong and beautiful. And now I understand why even though there are other girls in the world, and some might be better in other aspects, I still see you differently from them. It’s because you have something they don’t have, and that is my love.”


Take care :)


Erick 6:52pm





If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me~


Kudos, GTA V and Chicago, you really put that song in my head now, Haha. But still, I like that song ever since, but the meaning never got to me that much. Though this time I think it’s different. I am holding something that’s not mine, hoping to be mine, something so priceless, that I am scared to even leave it for a second.


Scared of losing someone. Even though I think I may suggest on my mind that I can be found miles away from the start without any contenders, there’s still a thought in my mind that people could catch up and win. I also have the phobia of creating the perfect scenario of a person learning to love herself on my end but realizes all of what I have done is not what she has been looking for. Stumbling, profoundly, waiting for a cure, that I think will never be done anymore. I care, I understand, I love and I long. That’s what I am doing now. And I won’t ever stop, until my bones break, my joints give in or me, when the one tells me purposely to stop my cause or to get the answer I needed, or dreaded. Whichever way it goes, I will take it..


*sighs* I am genuinely happy, but I am still genuinely scared.


God give me strength.


-Erick. 12:32pm.

“Just because I’m not forever by your side doesn’t mean that’s not precisely where I want to be.”