Nine o’ Five

May 9, 2015


Do you remember the last time you made an effort for someone to let them know their worth in this world? When was the last time you scraped your fingers till your bones to show someone everything you wanted them to see. To make them feel the feeling that surges onto your body when you are near them. To give them goosebumps on how much you mean the world to them?


Me? I continue to experience it. Better yet, I keep experiencing it. Ever since that year ago that I got my hands tied to everything I know in life and love that I have to show my whole self and what I could and couldn’t do. And I got what I asked for. You know, a year isn’t actually that long. A journey isn’t going to feel so long. If you’re enjoying the ride, you’d most likely ride the wave. And the ride is amazing.


She found me. And it will never be as amazing as it is yesterday. Cheers to the future! :)


Thank you for accepting me as a whole, my Princess Faye ♥


-5:25am. Erick.


5th Episode


*squeak squeak*

Man, this computer chair swivels loudly that I feel like in a horror movie waiting to get dragged out by a villain. It’s driving me insane. Oops, sorry about that, didn’t see you there (now, I sound Canadian) Haha. Alright, it’s been a while, as usual. I’ve been tearing it up non-stop at work and got a promotion. More like a title, as I don’t get a raise (dammit). But it’s still nice I guess, I’ll be leaving soon though. Need my priorities straight.

Speaking of priorities, I am, how do you say this, overly captivated on how my life has turned out today. It seems in just a few months I am living freely and blissful every single day. It’s been a looooooooong while since I have ever caught myself smiling at a random thought and shrugging everything else in the midst of the day, but I will say this: The feeling is ecstatic. The ratio of the problems I have to the events that get me through them, quantitatively is at a disadvantage. But nonetheless the power of the events skyrockets everything else and make me inhuman to the stress they give me. Incomparable. :) Although the fact that the news is new but the feeling is old, I am going to charge on and again, be the person I truly am. Not as to jinx it (I don’t believe it, but I wouldn’t take any chance), I wish that forever is just around the corner as I speak. Thank you for this day and I hope there is a next time. :D

Erick. 11:22pm.

November 19, 2013


What am I doing now? Hmm. Well, working for sure. But taking a break first. It has been a while since my heart has been squeezed on this chalkboard (theme). Well nothing is new, except the fact that I am getting tired of a repetitive lifestyle. Wake up, go to work (work is repetitive too), eat lunch, back to work, go home, play and sleep. I allure myself with new gadgets to suit the lifestyle I have now. I play basketball though on weekends. I guess this is what means to be living on my terms. Even though it’s nearly the same as the past, I guess for me this time is on me because I make all the decisions now. It’s been pretty easy lately, so I expect a storm coming.

Vaguely, I see myself growing old with this habit. My friends (Nate) told me that I look like a guy who sees love as a liability. That I will grow old a bachelor. An uncle which my nephews and nieces will look up onto as the single man having his midlife crisis. Which is fine by me though. On the contrary, I always saw myself as a hopeless romantic. I find cheesy things tolerable, I love watching movies and anime that are romantic, I always follow my heart and I live by the saying love conquers all. EQ > IQ. But when my friends told me that I would grow old a bachelor, it didn’t seem to make sense at first. But maybe it’s true. Maybe I’m just the guys who likes to see love all around without a significant other but with all the people around me. No secrets, no entails, no bullsh*t. I may not have a significant other waiting for me while I’m writing this blog. But I still think that girl is just around me. I used to make the first move, but I think it would be much more powerful if I met the girl halfway.

Hiatus done? Maybe so. I actually do like a girl at the moment. Having a chat with her. Is she it? I’ll never know. Because that’s how beautiful love is. It strikes when you least expect it.




Uneasy. Nervous. Mixed emotions. Panic.


Yes, I’m experiencing this right this moment. Look it’s 2am in the morning and I’m still awake. Figures. I got an e-mail (and also a call) reminding me of my New Joiner’s Orientation (NJO). It is scheduled 10pm in the evening (sucks for a lot, but to me, I might like it having to be nocturnal). But whenever I see the pictures of known people in facebook showing their team with a smile I’m kinda wondering if I will fit in a group. I mean even though I was trained to be in one, I’m nervous on how to fit and keep a consistent with the peer group mark. I don’t know how to act because everything will be new to me. I can only pray to God that he guides me in that path, as he always does. This won’t be just for me now. I am done being a kid that runs around tagging, playing, feeling at ease, scared and happy altogether. For tonight, I become a man, and I promise to myself, my family, my friends and to God, that I will push through and succeed for everyone I love.


Chapter III. Fin.
The longest chapter awaits me.

June 2, 2013


June has arrived! Well.. a day ago. I wish it would rain. Summer really has taken a toll here in Manila. The weather has been awful. ~.~

I haz two stories. Well, topics, best described. Err, just hear the fool out.

Ever since my father came home, I feel like a kid again. For the last 7 years (or 8 as my mother dictates) my father has been abroad (Japan) working for my studies and our financial difficulties. All I had to do at home were responsibilities and as I said from the past, there were little or few affections going around. But now that my father resides right inside our home again, I have my mutual friend again, I felt like living back my 7 years a bit faster. I don’t know if it’s a shock to my father that in already 8 days, I am going to work. The last time he saw me, I was halfway through my first year in high school. But nonetheless, I will say this, I have never been so happy in my life that my father is home. :)

Next agenda is my hiatus on being Ted Mosby. I think it’s doing the best for me. For once in my life I am thinking about the future of myself. I want to succeed in my career like my sister (even though I know she’s tired working 12+ hours a day). I want to bring home the bacon too. They always said that I, being a graduate of Information Technology, will bring the wealth in the house. If that were a brag and if I were bragging, I swear I’d kill myself. But then again, that just pushes me to work hard. I’m lucky to get an opportunity to work. I hope being career-oriented pays off with my conversion.

Heart poured out! Thank you, Lord!

Ja ne~

-Erick. 10:39am.

In Need?

Lately I’ve been finding myself thinking, and thinking, and thinking… and thinking.

Weird though, I always find myself doing this when I am home alone. Now, I frankly do it every time of the day. It’s like I have a lot of free time but in contrary, I should be busy. :| What the hell is happening to my life. I feel like I am in a rut. I have been doing the same thing everyday starting from November. Wake up at 8am, play a little (psp or pc), go to school (with a barely unbearable schedule), listen in class, talk a bit, spend breaks alone (new thing for me), go home alone (not new, but really intentionally), play at home while watching How I Met Your Mother Season 1-8 (in a cycle, finished it like 8 times already… think about how long), sleep at 3am (or onwards) and repeat. Nothing more, nothing less. Not even in the weekends. I can’t find any meaning in what I am doing right now. Not anyone to talk to, not anything or any sign to do anything remotely fun or important. I guess this is the time I hate the most.

Really. Hate. The. Most. And I have no idea what to do now. I’m not even trying to know. Help?