A Very Special Day

July 22, 1993.

The day that changed a lot of people irrevocably.


A girl born that time grew up to be the kindest, friendliest and most caring person any friend could ever be. A girl that is so, so beautifulĀ inside and out, it is actually rare to see people like this. This is the kind of person you will look for, look up to, and look after, for a very very long time. She’s someone you could lean on to when you have a lot of burdens in your life; and in a while just laugh at it. Someone you would most likely smile to ’cause her smile is just captivating. Someone that would stir your sense in caring ’cause the way she cares about her friends is simply sincere. A girl with a warm and pure heart that shines over the people she’s with all the time.


Of all the people she had met, I am pretty sure everyone kept her as a friend. I feel sorry for those who didn’t. Because they can’t see how special a girl is. I will always look at this girl as the most special person I have ever met in my life, as she is my best friend. The one that helped me in all of my problems. The one that always listened to every rants I say. The one that always smiles when you’re looking at her. The one that cracks a joke to make people happy. She is just so wonderful.


On this day, July 22, 2012,Ā I wish her the happiest birthday she could get. I wish that she would always be safe along with her family. I wish she stays happy around the people who love her endearingly. I wish she would stay strong to all the challenges she will face in the future. I wish she gets treated the way she deserves by anyone who knows her. I am just gonna say that I am always here for her, day and night, monday to sunday, anyday. I will protect her if situation persists. And I will care for her no matter what.


Though it may seem like we’re on different ways, that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.

It just states otherwise based on who I am.


Saranghaeyo Aira Cheyenne Ramos. Happy Birthday! :)




Oh look here’s her in my android phone: