July 2, 2013

Office boy. Well, I guess I can be called an Office MAN now.


Everything else seems new and at the same time it feels the same. That’s how my life is after jumping from a student to an adult working 9 hours a day. It’s surreal at first but after a few days, it just becomes a normal day in your life. That’s when the name “Business as Usual” shows up. But you know, I hate to admit it to everyone, but I like my job. Not because, I get paid, but because I help people in other countries. At one session, while we were training, certain end session feedback from fixing client’s computer warmed our hearts, even the ones who didn’t like the job they got (me too, I admit). Seriously, I guess I understand how my job works now. I now found something I can be passionate again. I wake up thinking I want to work, not waking up thinking I need to go to work. It feels insanely sane to be like this.


Ciao. I’m still tending on machines. ;)



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